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Peejamas Shorts

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Colour | Teal
Size | 6

Peejamas are overnight training pants that are capable of absorbing and retaining 295mls of fluid. Peejamas are reusable and washable for more than 300 washes.

Save hundreds of dollars compared to nighttime pullups and nappies.
More eco-friendly than disposable nappies!  Help your kids potty train more quickly.  These Peejamas function as regular pajamas after your child stops wetting the bed.
Choose your size below. 

Note:  Not designed for heavy bedwetting children.   Designed for those children starting to become dry at night.   Always recommended to use with a Brolly Sheet or other mattress protector. 

Please note this is for only one pair of shorts and does not include tops.

      For maximum absorbency wash 4 – 5 times before use.  Turn inside out and cold wash with similar colours.   Turn inside out to dry.  Tumble dry on low or line dry.  Do not use bleach, do not iron and do not use fabric softener, do not dry clean.

      Outer: 100% Cotton
      Inner: 80% Bamboo / 20% polyester
      Waterproofing: PUL

      Made from OEKO-TEX certified fabrics.

      Peejamas are NOT pre-washed, meaning they may shrink. Please account for possible shrinkage when determining your sizing.

      Peejamas are handmade.   Measurements can have a variance of 1 cm.

      Shorts size 4 size 5 size 6
      Length  35cm 37cm 39cm
      Waste Width (Relaxed)  40cm 41cm 46cm
      Waist Width (Stretched)  56cm 60cm 70cm
      Leg Hole (Relaxed) 24cm 28cm 30cm
      Leg Hole (Stretched) 30cm 34cm 36cm

      Longs size 4 size 5
      size 6
      Length  67cm 71cm 73cm
      Waste Width (Relaxed)  40cm 41cm 46cm
      Waist Width (Stretched)  56cm 60cm 70cm
      Leg Hole (Relaxed) 24cm 28cm 30cm
      Leg Hole (Stretched) 30cm 34cm 36cm

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews
      They are ok

      They are pretty average. I wasn’t really impressed and wouldn’t buy them again. They were very bulky and leaked. I made sure to follow the instructions as to washing.
      They might be good for car trip or airplanes when you want a bit more protection.

      Cassandra Walker

      Fantastic they work! Our 6 year old is keen to wear them so that her bed doesn’t get wet!

      Margaret Thomas
      Break through!

      My 6 year old son had never been out of nappies at night despite having been in undies during the day since just over 2 years of age. I had tried lots of different things with absolutely no success. His nappies were wet every morning and even leaked on a fairly regular basis. I thought I would give Peejamas a try about 6 months ago. They didn’t have an instant effect but after a couple of weeks we had a dry night, yay! And gradually we have had more and more dry nights up to the point we are at now where we are lucky if he wets the bed once every couple of weeks. I can safely say it’s all down to the Peejamas! I would highly recommend them to anyone who feels like they have a child who will never be out of nappies. That’s where we were 6 months ago and now we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

      Really disappointed

      Unfortunately I am really disappointed with the peejamas they didn't work at all. My son is 6 and after diligently using cloth nappies when he was a baby I hate now having to use disposables. I really wanted these to work!! How wet he is fluctuates, but even when it was a small amount he completely soaked through every single night. I had to change his whole bed every night, in which case what's the point!? I followed the care instructions about pre-washing etc and they fit my son as necessary but they just leaked everywhere. I requested a refund as they really didn't work but I was told refunds aren't possible. A very expensive experiment at $79.95 I would not recommend it! I had to select 1 star to submit my review but I'd actually give 0 stars - sorry!

      Hi Bex, Peejamas do need to be washed and dried at least 5 times before use. To test whether they are ready we recommend doing a pour test. Take some water and pour onto the peejamas (the white inner of the peejama) and if the water absorbs quickly then your peejamas are ready to use. If water is pooling up then they need to be washed again. Peejamas will hold 295mls of fluid and are not designed for a child who is still filling their diaper or is a heavy wetter. We unfortunately don't offer refunds on our peejamas or other underwear products for hygienic reasons. We are really disappointed that the product didn't work for you and will be sure to bring your points up with our supplier.

      Karina Papich-Macmillan
      Loving the Peejamas

      We are using these for our two year old at night combined with a brolly sheet and they are a fantastic alternative to a nappy. We have been having problems with nappy dermatitis & a rash in the nappy zone, so were looking for an alternative to disposable nappies at night, something that is kinder on her skin & the Peejamas are excellent. Sometimes I don't even have to change the brolly sheet until the morning as the peejamas are soaking up quite a decent amount of wee! I'll definitely be buying more of these in bigger sizes as my daughter grows.

      Kim Gannon
      Good quality however a bit small

      Please buy a good 2-3 sizes higher than normal and try on before you wash them to check the size. Particularly around the leg.

      The team at Brolly Sheets conduct themselves with fantastic and helpful customer service if you do have issues!