Meet the Brolly Sheets Team!

Child in orange Pyjamas lying on a Unicorn Brolly Sheet and pointing to the ceiling with both index fingers
Brolly Sheets standing team photo - all with jazz hand raised.  Back row Attila, Ariana, Glenn and Michelle,  Middle Row Danny, Lisa, Luz and Maude, Front row Diane and Alison

The team that makes toilet training a little bit easier for mums & dads.

We are a pretty awesome bunch here at Brolly Sheets! From design enthusiasts to customer service gurus, we are united by a shared commitment to making life easier and more comfortable for families around the world. Allow us to introduce the faces and stories that drive the creativity, dedication, and expertise that go into every Brolly Sheets product. Get to know the people who make the magic happen and discover the personalities that shape the essence of our Brolly Sheets brand.

Meet the team

Head and Shoulders portrait of Diane


“The Big Boss”

Founder & Director of Brolly Sheets, Diane has been here from the start of the journey and now leads the team, selling Brolly Sheet’s products internationally.

Black and white head and shoulders portrait of smiling Glenn


“The Problem Solver”

Glenn is the ultimate problem solver, he keeps Brolly Sheets running smoothly in all areas, as well as leading Independently You.

Black and white portrait of Lisa standing in front of a brick wall


“The Number Cruncher”

The longest standing employee, Lisa has been with Brolly Sheets for over 12 years. She is great at making sure we don’t run out of money and counts every last penny when it comes to month end!

Black and White portrait of Michelle


“The Customer Service Star”

Michelle started as a temp for Brolly Sheets, but we loved her so much we asked her to stay! She is still our fantastic Customer Service star and knows all the FAQ, off by heart.

Black and white head shot of Danny


“The Warehouse Chief”

We would be lost without our fantastic Warehouse Manager. A forklift driving expert, he makes sure all orders end up with the right customers.

Head and Shoulders portrait of Attila


“The Warehouse Ninja”

Attila is the most efficient packer you’ve ever seen, working endlessly to get your orders out in the fastest time. He loves to jam in the Warehouse to The Sound FM.

Black and white head and shoulders portrait of Luz


“The Wholesale Pro”

Our wonderful Wholesale Manager, Luz, is responsible for making Brolly Sheets available in as many places as possible, to ensure you can find the Brolly Sheets brand, in the places that you shop!

Black and White portrait of Alison


“The All Rounder”

Alison is an all-round legend! She supports Lisa on Accounts and & Luz on Wholesale and always has a smile on her dial.

Black and white head and shoulders portrait of Ariana


“The Caring Creative”

Ariana, our creative whiz, adds a touch of compassion to everything she does. Not only does she craft e-commerce wonders, but she also sprinkles her caring magic as a volunteer at Starship. Got a broken link or a social comment in need of attention? Ariana's got it covered with her wizardry!

Black and white head and shoulders portrait of Maude


“The Idea Dynamo”

Meet Maude, our marketing brilliance hailing from the States! Breathing marketing is her forte, and she's the maestro behind our "Independently You" brand. Amidst her whirlwind of innovative ideas, she's also a proud mum to an adorable little boy.