Payment & Website Security

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Credit Card Security

We know through experience that everyone wants a safe, secure online store from a source you can trust. You can feel secure in knowing that we use Secure Payment Processing:

Shopify Payments is an integrated payment solution designed to simplify the payment process for merchants while providing a secure environment for online transactions. It supports various payment methods, including major credit cards. By leveraging advanced encryption and tokenization technologies, sensitive payment details are securely transmitted and stored, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

PCI Compliance:

Shopify Payments ensures compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), which outlines strict security requirements for businesses handling cardholder data. As a Level 1 PCI DSS compliant service provider, Shopify undergoes regular security audits and assessments to maintain the highest standards of data protection. Compliance with PCI DSS helps mitigate vulnerabilities and safeguards customer information against potential breaches.

Secure Customer Data Handling:

Shopify Payments adheres to strict privacy and data protection practices to safeguard customer information. Personal data, such as billing addresses and payment details, are encrypted during transmission and securely stored in compliance with applicable data protection laws. Shopify Payments ensures that customer data is used only for transaction processing and not shared with unauthorized third parties, instilling confidence in customers regarding their data security.

SSL Encryption:

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption is an essential component of Shopify Payments' security infrastructure. SSL encrypts data during transmission between the customer's browser and the Shopify server, ensuring that sensitive information remains confidential and protected from interception. This encryption protocol adds an extra layer of security and is represented by the padlock

POLi is an online payment option which facilitates a Pay Anyone internet banking payment from your bank account to our Brolly Sheets bank account.