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Discover our Wet Weather Gear - because we know how to keep your kids dry and comfortable!

Our Wet Weather Gear is the next product on our journey to create the highest quality, most innovative waterproof products for your family. Crafted from recycled water bottles and lined with the softest cotton jersey, our Raincoat and Overalls will keep your littles outside exploring all year long!

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Meet our Founder, Diane

Back in 2006 I was looking for a solution to quickly change my kid’s beds at 2 am. Theo was sleeping in a bottom bunk and every night I would hit my head on the top bunk as I completely stripped the bed.   I knew there had to be a better way, so I bought some fabric and waterproofing and made the first ever Brolly Sheet.  Soon I was making for friends who had the same aged kids, then I started at local markets.  

I made them with a cotton top as Theo had eczema and allergies.  I made them in colours as I knew the kids would “buy into them”.  You cannot underestimate a toddle who doesn’t like something!   In fact, when Theo had a friend for a sleepover, the friend asked” what’s that?”.  Theo replied” It’s to make my bed look cool”, then next minute the friend wanted one on her bed. 

This was the start of me designing products to help keep kids (and adults) dry, but also products that look great and feel wonderful.  (Cotton is a must)   

I hope you love our products as much as I do.


Ps – photo of the kids and I in 2007 – time for another….

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