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Night Training Pants

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Colour | Boys Stars
Size | Small
  • The Perfect Transition from Pull-ups to Undies
  • Designed to help with night-time potty training
  • 100% cotton with a soft waterproof panel
  • Gives you peace of mind when accidents occur
  • Reusable & Eco-Friendly
  • Look & Feel like undies
  • Designs the kids will love

Introducing, our washable night time training pants to help get your child out of pull ups.   Our Snazzipant night pants are absorbent, re-usable and comfortable.   In fabric patterns that aren’t childish – you child will love these night time, big kid pants.   A great alternative to disposables, they save you money and reduce landfill.     

Cloth pants will never be as absorbent as a disposable, unless they are really bulky which most kids won’t wear.   Our night pants are designed for the child who is on the way to night time dryness and isn’t completely filling a disposable. 

They do have 2 bands inside where an extra booster pad can be placed if you feel you need extra protection. 

Always recommend using with a Brolly Sheet. Please measure the waist of your child and check our size guide below carefully.  We are in the midst of changing the age range on our pants and we will be working just on waist size. So please disregard the age range on the packaging.  For hygiene reasons, we do not accept returns or exchanges on underwear.

  • Made from cotton
  • Look and feel like undies
  • Gives your child peace of mind 
  • 100 mls absorbency over four hours


The age below is just a rough guide.  Please take the waist measurements

for sizing.  Kids come in all shapes and so age alone is not also an accurate

way to buy underwear.


Size Small Medium Large
Waist 45-50cm 50-55cm
Approx Age 4-6 Years 6-7 Years 7-8 Years

Size Small Medium Large
Waist 46-50cm 48-52cm 50-54cm
Approx Age 4-6 Years 6-7 Years 7-8 Years


Size guide night training 


Cotton and spandex with a polyurethane waterproof layer.

Care Instructions 

Turn inside out and wash with similar colors.  Cold or warm wash.  Line dry or warm tumble.

Customer Reviews

Based on 97 reviews
Does what it claims

These work brilliantly for light wetting, just as they claim.
Most nights when I go to bed I swap the liner pad (few drips) as it's quicker than fully undressing her, and in the morning it's a little damp too, but more importantly it is contained. But... if she decides not to get up and go toilet immediately when she wakes,(and then wees in her night pants) they overflow, obviously. The brolly sheet catches that, and she gets a reminder she's got to get up to the toilet. I'm glad to be free of nappies!

Amy Shearden
Night training pant

Leaked everywhere - need to think of another solution for school camp in a few weeks time.

Hi Amy,

Our night training pants are designed for a child who is on their way to night-time dryness but isn't completely filling a disposable, the pants aren't designed to hold a full wee. We recommend to pair our night training pants with a Brolly Sheet underneath for extra protection while your child is still learning to stay dry at night, or we do sell booster pads that can be inserted into the pants for extra absorbency! However as an alternative, if you are looking for something to take away on school camp, we also have our waterproof sleeping liners which will help protect against accidents :)


Exactly what we needed

Our daughter didn't want to wear pull ups anymore but as a heavy sleeper isn't dry at night. These are perfect for moving her on from pull ups. She still wets through to the bed, but nothing like normal knickers so easier for night time bed changes. It's also allowing her to learn when she is wet which will hopefully allow her to learn to wake for the toilet as she gets older.

Grace Thompson
Not ready maybe

My child weed through these twice in a row, and then came out in a massive rash. I really like the design and maybe we’ll try again in the future with them. But back in pull-ups for security for now.

Doesn’t hold any accidents

I found the sizing quote big. Also didn’t contain any leaks (my son never fills a nappy and is often dry but on the nights he had an accident it didn’t contain it at all).

Amanda Morris
Great item

Bought these instead of using pull-ups. Cost effective. My little boy has actually woken up in the night to say he’s wet which is progress as being in a pull-up doesn’t alert him to being wet. He feels more grown up & has been only wet for about 4 nights out of 3 weeks. They are great quality, wash well & good style.