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What Exactly is a Dream Wee?

  • 1 minute read

A dream wee is when you lift your child in the night and take them to the toilet.   As with everything, there are two schools of thought on this.    

The idea is to take your child to the toilet so they can do a wee which can help until their bladder learns to hold on longer, or sends signals to the brain to wake up.  Many parents find that by doing the dream wee around 10 pm, their child could then “last” through to the morning.

The other school of though is that unless they are wide awake, it doesn’t teach them how to wake themselves up for a wee.

I do feel that parenting is a roller-coaster and everyone should do what works for them. Take all the information (both sides) and decide for yourself if something is worth a try. For us, we wanted to try anything that would get everyone through the night which the dream wee did.