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It’s Time To Stop Boys Peeing On The Floor!

  • 2 minute read

Boys. As lovely as they may be, they have a maddening habit of peeing on the floor and the toilet seat!

As a parent, you then need to clean it up or get wet yellow socks and a stinky toilet room. How hard can it be to aim something belonging to you in the right direction of a giant hole cut out of the toilet seat or potty? Too hard apparently. But not for any longer because we’re going to share our top-secret tips on how to stop your boys peeing on the floor today!

boy playing with a puddle

No More Peeing On The Floor In This House!

It’s what we all dread. Okay, what we women all dread. Pee on the seat, pee on the floor and pee pretty much all over the bathroom. How do you train your sons, and to be honest our husband too, to aim into the bowl? Try these tips for starters:

  • If your son is little, have him pee sitting down. His willy is too small for him to hold and aim it, so sitting down is best.
  • Can he understand instructions? If your son cannot follow simple instructions, then wait until he is a bit older. Keep him sitting down to avoid peeing on the floor.
  • Check for motor skills – if your son struggles to walk without falling over, or is still developing his pincher grip, wait a while before teaching him to pee standing up.
  • Hold it yourself – you will need to hold his willy and show him how to aim it into the toilet.
  • Use a ping pong ball – encourage him to hit it with his wee. 5 points if he does!
  • Try toilet aiming stickers – there are a few different aides including aiming stickers you can try. Or you could even draw a picture in your toilet bowl to aim at.
  • Purchase our Day Time Training Academy – if you’re struggling to potty train your child, then this is the guide for you!
  • Play the bubble game – how many bubbles can you make in the toilet water with your pee?
  • Can you bet Dad? – can you make your wee going longer than Daddy can into the toilet?