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4 Potty Training Fears Toddlers Face

  • 2 minute read

Potty training fears are real and very common. From being scared to do a poo, to falling through the toilet seat, hearing a toilet flush or using a public toilet, toilet training fears are huge!  These fears can stall or set back potty training progress and cause endless frustration for adults and kids. Being forewarned is being forearmed, so we’re sharing the four most common potty training fears with you.

Learning to Potty Train - Girl on toilet

What Are 4 of the Most Common Potty Training Fears Toddlers Have?

Potty training can be a scary time! Four of the most common potty training fears young children have are:

  1. Fear of poos – poos are scary: they feel funny, smell yucky and fall out of your body. Doing a poo in the toilet is different from in a nappy and can take a long time to achieve. Be patient and as comforting as you can be.
  2. Fear of the toilet seat – did you know that the toilet seat has a giant hole in the middle of it? Many toddlers are scared of falling in, and plenty do! It’s also cold to sit on and really high up with nothing to hold onto. A seat cover or training toilet seat can help remove these problems, as can a step stool.
  3. Fear of the flushing noise – a toilet is noisy when flushing, and it also magically removes everything in a toilet bowl. Initially it’s okay not to ask your child to flush, and instead, do it when they are out of the room.
  4. Fear of public toilets – public toilets can be cold, smelly and noisy. They’re also completely different from the toilet at home. It may be necessary to bring a potty with you when you’re out and about because some young children will hold on otherwise. Sticky notes over automatic flushers can help prevent those nasty public toilets causing unexpected noises!

Talking about potty training fears is one way to help alleviate them. Our potty training e-book helps parents understand more about the steps of potty training, so you can have these important conversations with your kids.  Or try one of our potty training storybooks to help make the journey smoother


We’re also here with you, every step of the way. Feel free to reach out for personal advice and support!