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Get Started with Day Time Toilet Training

  • 4 minute read

Daytime toilet training can be daunting for parents who haven’t done toilet training before. It takes consistency, patience, and lots of love and understanding from your part to teach your children to use the potty or toilet. If you’re intimidated or have no idea how or where to begin, Brolly Sheets is here to assist you!

We want you to know that you’re not alone in your journey! We’re parents too, and changing wet nappies is an all too familiar stage we also had to undergo. This, on top of running the household, can make things feel a bit crazy! So, to make things more manageable at home, we’ve created an easy-to-use guide that covers all the basics of daytime potty training. It’s all you need to get started!

What you’ll get from our daytime toilet training guide

Screenshot of daytime toilet training guide’s cover.

Some things just don’t last forever – one of them is your children wearing their nappies! As parents, you need to guide your little ones to the next developmental, physical, and behavioural milestone of their lives. From using nappies during the daytime, you need to ease them in wearing underpants so they can freely use the potty. Working towards one common goal, we can get your little ones to potty independence!

If you’re unsure whether it’s the right time to start training your little one, our daytime training guide will discuss the telling signs to watch out for to know whether or not your child is ready for daytime toilet training. It also covers the following:

  • When and how to start – we discuss ways on how to initiate the daytime toilet training. One example is choosing a time that suits you and your child for potty time.
  • A list of handy products – we list a number of recommended products to use while training your precious ones. We focus on reusable and washable products such as training pants, waterproof car seats, and more.
  • Top tips – we share our tried-and-tested tips that prove to be successful for many other parents when daytime toilet training!
  • Free rewards chart and certificate downloads – we provide free printables to encourage positive behaviour and reward your child's effort during the training!

Are you ready to begin daytime toilet training with your child? Download our daytime toilet training guide or checkout our resources page for more!

Points to remember while training

  • Setbacks are normal! Remember that accidents and setbacks are all part of the toilet training. And your children too, may get upset when they encounter accidents. When this happens, reassure your child and let them know there’s no need to worry.
  • Every child is unique It’s okay for your child to follow his or her own pace in learning. Don’t stress about how slow they might be. It may take days, weeks, or even months. It may also take longer for poos than wees. Most importantly, don’t force them into anything! They should be relaxed and comfortable to successfully transition out of their nappies and onto a potty or a toilet.  Allow them to take their time and let them enjoy the process!
  • Focus on the effort rather than results. Reward your child for trying. Even when they miss the toilet, recognise their effort for trying. You could say “good job for sitting on the potty!” until they master each part of the process.

We want you and your child to succeed in daytime toilet training. If you celebrate both wins and losses, the easier the transition will be for your child.

Getting your little ones out of their nappies is a big milestone for your child. If your child is a graduate from daytime toilet training, you can ease them into night-time toilet training next! Our night-time toilet training guide can provide you with helpful tools when starting. All you need to do is download our night-time toilet training guide!

Make toilet training enjoyable with Brolly Sheets!

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