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How to Tell When to Change a Wet Nappy

  • 1 minute read
This may sound really obvious – but it is not always.

Its easy with disposables as with a quick pinch you can see if they are “Squishy”. The “squish” is the gel used inside that expends to 30 times it weight when weed on.

As a general rule, a baby shouldn’t be in a nappy longer than 2 – 4 hours, depending on their age. Newborns wet more frequently so you will be changing every couple of hours, toddlers are a lot less frequent. Here at Snazzipants we think using cloth on a newborn and changing them every two hours is hard work for a new Mum or Dad. That's why we think starting cloth at about 4 – 6 months is ideal. This also means you are quite often “over” the worst of the running new born milk poos.

Ways to check:
  • Peek. Peak down the back, front or via the leg hole and see what you can see
  • Touch – not everyones cup a tea, but sometimes its the easiest
  • Feel the nappy. The longer you use cloth, the more you will get familiar about the feel of the fabric when wet. Feel for some weight in the fabric, and you may even feel the warmth from a fresh wee.
Eventually you will get into a rhythm with cloth and know when and how often to change your baby.