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Night Time Training Booster Pads- Three Pack

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Size | Medium
  • For Extra Absorption to fit in our Snazzipants Night Pants
  • Comes with three Booster Pads

Please view our sizing chart below to determine what size booster pad you need for your night time training pants. 

Our night time training pants come with a sewn in pad, and bands to hold another booster pad.   The pad in the pants should be enough as the pants are designed for those kids starting to wet less at night.  They are not designed to hold a really full wee.

However, if you feel you would like a little extra absorption, these booster pads will fit our night pants.

Our booster pad pack comes with three pads

SMALL Booster Pad Fits: Small Boys Night Pants, Small and Medium Girl Night Pants and Extra Small Woxers

MEDIUM Booster Pad Fits: Medium Boy Night Pants, Large Boy Night Pants, Large Girl Night Pants and Small Woxers

For girls, place the pad in the middle of the underwear. 

For boys, have most of the pad up the front

Outer Layer: 100% Cotton 

Middle Layer: 100% Polyster

Care instructions:
Cold or warm machine wash, line dry or warm tumble. Do not iron or dry clean or use bleach or fabric softeners. Please wash separately before use to aid absorbency.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Good quality

Works well with over night undies

Amanda Unger
Not as absorbent as I would have hoped.

They are quite slim in width and I'm yet to have any luck with them soaking up wee in the night. Ive tried doubling them up, but maybe My 6 year old is just a heavy wetter. Great concept though and hope others have more luck!

Booster pads. - excellent

Great, stayed in place. Super soft too


Not to sure what I was expecting but these didn’t seem to do anything used them for 3 nights with extra booster and still made no real difference everything including brolly sheet etc was soaked I was shocked and disappointed. I mean they look great as they look like normal undies. I should have read reviews first before buying.

Jenny Watts

A little bulky and could be better designed for boys but did a good enough job =)

Jodie Holmes

They hav enabled us to go nappy free which has really helps my littles boys confidence x