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The Ten Essentials for Potty Training

  • 4 minute read

1. Potty

Potties come in many forms with many price points. From a simple shape that hasn't changed in years to musical complete with IPad holders.  Our favourite is the Eco Potty made from vegetable waste.  After you have finished potty training, just "plant" in your garden and they decompose over time.  Some people prefer one potty in the bathroom, others will have a couple around the house.  

2. Toilet Seat Insert

If potties are not for you - an insert that fits onto your loo may be just the thing.  The beauty of using an insert is that your child will feel more secure and not like they are about to "fall in".   Again - there is a vast array on the market, just choose one that is easy for the whole family to use by removing completely or with a smaller, hinged seat.

3. Training Pants


Training pants are a great transition between nappies and undies and are designed to help keep your sanity over this time.  They are not meant to keep your child completely dry like a nappy does, instead they allow your toddler a bit more time to get to the bathroom. 

Snazzipants (also from Brolly Sheets) are also cotton and look and feel like undies.  Both styles can be pulled up and down easily and give you piece of mind.   They allow your toddler to feel wet while minimising the need for clothing changes and protecting your floors and furniture.  

4. Car Seat Protectors

If you have tried to change or clean a soiled car seat you will know it is no easy task. A  car seat protector is perfect for long or short car rides, for use in buggies and high chairs - wherever little bottoms need a little extra protection.  They are also handy for under wet togs or bathers on the way home from the beach or pool.  Brolly Sheets has a range of colours.   

5. Wet Bags

If heading out and about, a change of clothes is a good idea whilst going through the potty training process.  Your child might be fine at home, but when out there are more distractions and loos are not always as easy on hand. Be prepared and take a change of undies and shorts and a handy  wet bag to bring home the dirty ones.  Wet bags are also great for : wet swimsuits, dirty nappies, kids travel /busy  bag (pop in a toy car, some Lego and a snack to keep the kids entertained when out at a cafe, toothbrush when traveling, a book bag.

6. Steps

If you are using a toilet a step is handy to make it easier and faster for your child to get up on the toilet.  A step is also great for their feet to push on when doing a poo and can make them feel more secure.  The above step is from Dream Baby. 

7. Books

There are  books about how to toilet train and there are also books to read with your child.    Books about pirates or princesses and more - they help to engage your child and de-mystify the toilet training process. 

8. Reward Charts

You either love them or hate them - but with toddlers and young children, they do work.  Download free reward charts here.   You can reward actually using the potty, or washing hands, or trying to get there on time. Keep things simple and reward effort rather than result.  Reward small steps and make the reward instant.  That is - maybe 10 stickers and you get toy car - but make sure you have the car to hand.

Saying "once you are dry - we will go to the shops" is for some children - too far away to feel it really will happen.  We always did the potty dance which meant anyone in the house had to dance when a wee or poo went in the potty. We would phone Daddy at work and Nana. Rewards don't have to cost money  -  and don't have to be complicated. 

9. Toilet Targets

Toilet Targets are great for helping your little man wee in the toilet, rather than on the floor.  The above is an image of a Wee Target which attaches to the toilet and the black dot reveals a picture when warm wee hits it.  

10.  Hand Sanitiser


Handy to keep in your bag when out and about.  Potty training can be a messy business.