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Monster Repelling Pack

  • 1 minute read
Monster Repelling Pack

One of the BEST activites you can do with your little ones making your own Monster Spray to Spray the Monsters AWAY!

Fear of monsters can be a real struggle for lots of children. 

We feel it’s important to acknowledge your child’s insecurity.  Those “monsters” may not be real, but their fears are.  Providing them with a tool to fight them can empower your child, and give them control over their fear.

If your child believes in monsters, then with support and encouragement from a parent or loved one, they can just as easily believe that they have the power to make them go away.

We have created recipes and labels for Monster Spray, a Monster Swatter and Fairy Dust. All with their own magical special uses to help keep the monsters away. 

Dont forget to share you photos of your little one spraying the monsters we would love to see them. Send them to our Socials.

Stay safe everyone  :-)

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