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Another Trick to Try for a Dry Night

  • 2 minute read
When becoming a Mum you enter a whole new world of conversation topics. I remember going to dinner with friends and discussing the bowel movements of babies – a topic I had never broached before, and which strangely enough lasted longer than I would have dreamed possible just 1 year before. Our friends were the experts with their 2nd child and we were in the steep learning curve of our first baby.    

It should be of no surprise therefore that my sister had a very helpful discussion regarding bed wetting with a friend she bumped into in the Supermarket.

She told me that this tip worked a treat and although it meant she had a harrowing 2 weeks it was worth it in the end. You may find it works for you too.

If you have a heavy sleeper in the family and therefore a regular bed wetter, first of all figure out the time the bed wetting occurs. This means regular checks on the bed during the evening / night. When you have established a time, then the next night, wake the sleeping child half an hour before the bed wetting time and take them to the toilet. Do this for a couple of nights. Then move the time of waking the child to go to the toilet back by half an hour. Therefore if the bedwetting occurs at 11.00pm, get the child up at 10.30pm for 2 nights & then get them up at 11.00pm for the next 2 nights. Keep moving the wake up time by half an hour every couple of nights until you have got them through the night.

Apparently it is a bit of a trick of the mind. The mind tells the child to hold on rather than wetting the bed because someone will come and get them up for the toilet soon. Because the wet bed is a really unpleasant experience the body will eventually hold on until the morning.

My sister said it was recommended to her by a woman who had had success with this method and so she tried it for her son and it worked really well. Of course there would only be certain situations when this would work. This is one of many methods that may work for you, good luck.