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4 Essentials for Night Time Training

  • 2 minute read

Making the move to nappy free nights is a huge milestone for both you and your child.  

For both of you it means an interrupted night's sleep.   

When you think you are both ready - check out our top picks for getting dry at night.

1. Brolly Sheet


Of course we have to start with a  Brolly Sheet.  A cotton topped, washable bed pad - it makes changing a wet bed at 2 am a breeze.  It fits over your bottom sheets with the sides tucked under the mattress.  When your child wets - you just change the Brolly Sheet at 2 am - no more stripping the whole bed.    


2. Night Light

A night light can work wonders for helping your child feel confident at night to go to

the toilet. Getting up in the dark can be a scary thing.



3. Waterproof Fitted Mattress Protector


These  mattress protectors are like a fitted sheet and go under all the bedding.  It takes

longer to change than a Brolly Sheets - but is handy to just leave on all the time and use

a Brolly Sheet for quick changes.    In fact we have them on every bed in our house

to help protect against dust mites and keep the mattresses free from stains and spills.


4. Duvet / Doona Protector

Not everyone will need one of these.  But for those of you who have a boy that wets

"up" or a child that likes to wrap themselves up in their top layers - a protector is a

great idea.  The  Brolly Sheets version have mesh corners which help with breathability,

plus allow water to easily drain in the washing machine. 


Non essentials - but still handy:

1. Alarms

There are many different types of bed wetting alarms and prices do vary.  Like any

technology, wireless are more expensive, but also easier to wear and use.  Alarms work

on conditioned learning - which means when the feeling of a full bladder doesn't wake

the child, a loud noise can trigger waking.  If a powerful stimulus (alarm) is associated

with a neutral one (wetting the bed) then after a time the neutral one has the same

strength as the powerful one.  Brolly Sheets has many reviews on the three types of

alarms they sell. You can check out what other parents have to say.