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Why You Need Our Wet Weather Gear in Your Life

  • 3 minute read
Two Toddlers playing at the beach in our Brolly Sheets Wet Weather Gear in Sage and Denim.


Hey there adventure-loving parents!

Are you tired of constantly worrying about your kids getting soaked and cold when they're playing outside? Do you want to let them explore and have fun in any weather condition without having to constantly change clothes or deal with multiple changes of clothes from childcare or Kindy? Then you need to check out our Waterproof Wet Weather Gear!

Not only are these overalls made from recycled plastic bottles, so you'll be doing your part to reduce waste, but they're also windproof and waterproof up to 3000mm. That means your little explorers can splash in puddles, build sandcastles on the beach, and have fun in the rain without a care in the world.


Little girl toddler playing at the beach in our Brolly Sheets Wet Weather Waterproof Overalls. She is holding up some seaweed.


But that's not all! We've also added a reflective stripe on the leg for extra safety during low-light conditions, so you can relax knowing your kids are visible to drivers. And the adjustable and removable stirrups keep the overalls securely in place, even during the wildest and craziest adventures.

"I purchased these for my daughter for childcare, and they've been a lifesaver. They keep her dry during water play, clean during messy play, and the best feature is they keep my washing pile small. I love the cotton lining as it gives an extra layer of warmth. I highly recommend these overalls to any parent looking for reliable and practical rain gear for their child."

Our waterproof rain gear also features a 100% cotton lining that provides an extra layer of warmth and breathability, ensuring that your little ones are comfy during extended wear. Plus, they come with metal side snaps, adjustable front straps, and a front pocket for all their little treasures, making them practical and easy to use.

And the best part? These overalls act as a protective barrier against mosquitoes, so you can say goodbye to those pesky bites during summer evenings. Now that's what we call multi-functional!


A Child playing in the playground in Brolly Sheets Wet Weather Gear for Toddlers in Blush.


So where can you wear our Wet Weather Gear? The possibilities are endless!

  • Your kids can splash in puddles
  • build humongous sandcastles on the beach
  • play in the rain (rain dance optional)
  • explore the farm, search for mud puddles
  • go for a bush walk
  • perfect for camping and walking in the morning dewy grass
  • have a water fight
  • finger paint to their hearts' content
  • and even help with gardening beside Mum and Dad.

Invest in our Waterproof Rain Gear today and let your kids have fun and explore in any weather condition all year round. Who knows, maybe they'll even discover their inner puddle-jumping champion or sandcastle-building master!


A young child playing on the beach in Brolly Sheets Wet Weather Gear in Denim