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Top 5 Must Have Items for Your Baby

  • 3 minute read

Pregnant Mum with sonogram of her baby


When you are pregnant you are bombarded with all the things that you will need when your baby comes - and it can be overwhelming to know what you will need!

Here are a few items that we have found valuable to have.  


Baby with Brolly Sheets Cotton Swaddle



These have a hundred uses. Wrapping your baby to sleep is the most common use but we also used our swaddles as a towel, a blanket on the floor, help wipe up any spills or dribbles and to cover you and baby when breast feeding.  Wrapping up bottles to keep warm or when they are empty. Swaddles have so many uses and when baby has grown, we know mums who have used those swaddles at family events and BBQs to cover the food on the table. Unlimited uses.


Bassinet Protector


Cot/Bassinet/Bed Protector

I cannot tell you how much having a bed mattress protector on your bassinet/cot and bed will save you so much time, money and energy. Not only do they help you when you have a spilly baby, over flowed nappies (it does happen) and they save your bacon when your baby,  toddler/child is sick! Another great invention is the pillow protector. Saves you having to wash your pillows and mattresses. All parents need one of these. They are essential to make your life easier. Highly recommend.


Bobux Safety Feeder 

Safety Food Feeders

These are such a great invention. It is so easy for your baby who is trying food for the fruit for the first time. As a paranoid mother I was always worried about choking and these help teach your baby to chew without being worried that bits will be bitten off and choked on.

These are also great for hot days and teething. I would put it in the freezer with puree in and let them bite on them to their heart's content.


Teething Tamer Rub 

Teething Tamer

Your baby will soon be teething. Teething is such hard work and your little one is going to be very unhappy. One thing we loved over the teething period is Teething Tamer.

It is a all-natural rub which you put onto the jawline when needed and it has sedative and pain-relieving properties. Organic formulation makes it ideal for children who are experiencing discomfort and irritability due to teething.


Kid on a Brolly Sheets Chair Pad


Children Chair Pads

These are a hidden gem and are so helpful as your child grows,  great for all ages. They are so absorbent and can be used as a changing mat. Works perfectly in the car and adds extra protection from hard surfaces. A lot of mums tell us chair pads have tons of uses, from using them when your child is sick. When visiting friends and family you can place it down on couches and chairs for protection. These are so versatile especially when you are travelling long distances. Going on a plane? You need a chair pad. 


Mum with her new baby