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Top Tips on How to Potty Train Kids in Public Toilets

  • 2 minute read

It’s something all parents have faced: you’re in the middle of toilet training, but you must leave the house. How hard can it be to potty train kids in public toilets? Surely your child will use a public toilet just like they use yours at home? Nope. So, how do you make toileting kids when you’re out and about? Let’s find out …

How to Potty Train Kids in Public Toilets 

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You’ve finally got your child sitting on the potty.  Even better, they’ve mastered sitting on a grown-up toilet, hurray! So, you’re not too worried about taking a trip to the supermarket. You know there’s a public toilet if you need one, right?

The inevitable happens. You get a “Mummy, I need to go wees.” You leave the trolley in the middle of an aisle and head to the closet toilet. Grabbing the largest available, you shut the door behind you both and usher your child to the toilet. They refuse to use it. What can you do?

Here are some strategies to try:

  • Cover the flush sensor – the unexpected noise an automatic flushing toilet can make is rather scary.
  • Comfort – reassure your child that the toilet is just like the one at home, and you’ll be right there to make sure they don’t fall in.
  • Lift – young boys who stand to pee may need lifting to avoid resting their willy on a cold toilet bowl. Little girls may like being held while they sit on the seat.
  • Portable potty – not ideal but taking your potty in a bag with you to the shops stops the need to sit upon the public toilet.
  • Sit sideways – did you know if your child sits sideways on the seat, they are less worried about falling off or in?
  • Rewards – bribery is always useful, so keep some treats in your bag to reward them after they have used the toilet.

Accidents happen, so be sure to bring a spare change of clothes with you. Our Waterproof Undie Liners or Snazzi Night Training Pants are perfect to use as training pants for older kids, or our standard training pants for the youngest in the family. Both will help catch any little wee accidents if you can’t make it to the toilet in time: or if they refuse to use it. Good luck!