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How Many Toilet Training Accidents Are Normal?

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No matter how hard both you and your child try, toilet training accidents are inevitable. Whether it’s because they’re too busy to listen to their body cues, or don’t want to use public toilets, you can expect soaked undies on the odd occasion.  
However, often parents become worried when toilet training accidents happen. We don’t think you should though. Potty accidents and setbacks are normal, and today we’re going to discuss how to deal with them and identify if there is a problem which needs professional advice.

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Toilet Training Accidents: How Many are Too Many?

First, let’s talk about the difference between accidents and regression. Potty accidents happen during the time your child is learning to use the toilet. Regression happens when they suddenly begin having accidents or want to wear nappies again, even though they already know how to use the toilet. Both will give you wet undies and puddles on the floor though.
So, how many accidents are too many? Well, there’s no right or wrong answer. Children develop in their own time, and the number of accidents they will have will vary, even between siblings. Talking with a professional, such as your Plunket Nurse or GP, is best if you are at all concerned.


Managing Toilet Training Accidents

Be prepared is the key here, as there are a few things you can do to which help prevent and reduce accidents including:

  • Taking your child to the toilet often
  • Being aware where the nearest toilet is when you are out
  • Keep spare clothes and undies at the ready
  • Bringing your potty with you if appropriate
  • Keeping an eye out for toilet readiness signs
  • Using a reward chart for effort
  • Visiting the toilet before you leave home – everyone in the family!

When accidents do happen, be matter of fact while you clean them up and send them on their way. Drawing attention to the accidents or embarrassing your child may make things worse.

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Diane Hurford