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  • Extra Absorbent Bandana - Child - Brolly Sheets AU
  • Extra Absorbent Bandana - Child - Brolly Sheets AU
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NEW! Extra Absorbent Bandana - Child

Lush cotton towelling - reduce clothing changes

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Size | Child
Colour | Navy
  • 100% cotton surface
  • 2 neck sizes with washable snaps
  • Waterproof
  • Generous Size

Introducing our Extra Absorbent Bandanas by Brolly Sheets!

Crafted from premium cotton terry, these bandanas are not just stylish but exceptionally absorbent, making them ideal for keeping clothing clean and dry.

The plush cotton terry top layer offers a luxurious look and feel, while the soft waterproof backing ensures comfort without the heat or crinkle. With multiple domes for adjustable neck sizing, these bandanas guarantee maximum comfort and security.

Whether you're on the go or lounging at home, our bandanas provide superior protection against unwanted moisture. Say goodbye to soggy clothes with Brolly Sheet's stylish and practical solution. Upgrade your wardrobe with our Extra Absorbent Bandanas today!

Size: 38 x 38 x 48 cm



  • Extra absorbent towelling front
  • Soft waterproof backing
  • Generous length
  • Adjustable neck sizing
  • Washable
  • Absorbs up to 120ml of liquid

Child: 38 x 38 x 48 cm


  • Top: 100% terry cotton towelling
  • Inner: 100% polyester microfibre
  • Back: 100% polyester-backed polyurethane (PUL)


Wash before use to aid absorbency.  Cold or warm gentle wash. Tumble dry low heat. Do not iron. Do not bleach. Do not dry clean. Do not use solvents

Our Brolly Sheet Extra Absorbent Bandanas are made in a small family factory in China. The team live locally and go home to their families every night. A basic right not afforded to many other factory workers set up in big factories, in large cities, whose workers go home twice a year during the longer public holidays.

We pay our team by the hours they work, just like we do here at home. Being paid by the hour means they have a chance to chat and they are not under severe time pressure. When factories pay workers by the “piece”, the quality is not as good as the worker is trying to make as many “pieces” as possible and it just isn’t such a nice environment to work in.

We donate to plant trees every month and have planted over 4,000 trees to offset our carbon footprint.

We are moving to non-plastic packaging for all our bibs and bandanas so we can reduce landfill. New packaging as a cardboard wrapper.

We believe in buying once and buying well. Hence, we make products that last.

Why Buy Brolly Sheet Extra Absorbent Bandanas?
We have been designing and making adult bibs and bandanas since 2011, and we have been in the business of waterproof textiles since 2006. We really are the experts when it comes to making products that look fabulous and that keep the wearer dry and comfortable.

Why is cotton so important?
We make our products as comfortable as possible. A cotton surface is more pleasant to the wearer especially if the tail of the bandana is used to wipe the wearer's face.

How absorbent are Brolly Sheet Extra Absorbent Bandanas?

They absorb up to 120mls.

How do I machine wash my Brolly Sheet Extra Absorbent Bandanas?
We designed all our bandanas to be easy to wash - no special treatments needed here. Wash on a warm or cold wash with like colours. You can dry them on the line, or tumble dry on a low heat. Be careful, too much heat will damage the waterproof backing.

How long do Brolly Sheet Extra Absorbent Bandanas last?
We offer a 12-month warranty from date of purchase, but they do last a lot longer. We make our bandanas out of the best quality fabrics, they are made to last. It depends on how much they are washed and will last longer if line dried vs tumble dry.

Who designed Brolly Sheet Extra Absorbent Bandanas?

Brolly Sheets Company founder Diane designed our bandana after talking to the Mum of a 17-year-old son with cerebral palsy. Her son didn’t want to wear a bib like a baby, but this Mum couldn’t find anything else on the market. She was talking to Diane who came up with our cotton bandanas designed to feel less like a bib and more like a fashion accessory.

What sizes do Brolly Sheet Extra Absorbent Bandanas come in?
We make these bandanas in Adult and Child sizes.

What is behind the name?
Brolly Sheets the company started in 2006 with just one product: our iconic Brolly Sheet bed pad with wings. Since then, Diane has designed many more products, a lot with nothing to do with sheets or bedding, but the company name has remained.