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Wet Bags: The Versatile Product Every Parent Should Have

  • 3 minute read

Whether you’re dealing with  cloth nappies,  training pants, or you just need a hand keeping everything in order, Brolly Sheet’s  wet bag will always come in handy! Wet bags don’t have one single purpose; they’re impressively versatile. In this blog post, we discuss the uses of wet bags and why every parent needs them—you’ll thank us later!


Always Have Some Clean Clothes Handy

Nothing brings on stress like an accident while you’re out and about. You need to lug around a spare set of clothes, figure out what to do with the wet clothing, not to mention the panic of having to find a bathroom! These little bags are perfect for storing clothes whether you need a clean set for a long road trip, or simply a spare outfit for a long day out; just load up the wet bag and pop it in your handbag, car, or pram!

If a wee accident happens while you’re out and about, don’t worry! Just a quick change and the wet clothes are contained, so that you can relax until you can get them to the washer. Everything is made easier so you can focus on the good times, knowing that everything’s contained and your kids are happy!


They’re Not Just For Children

That’s right—they can really be used for anything! Wet bags are designed to hold damp items, perfect for holding swimming gear, gym gear, or anything that you’d typically hold in a plastic bag. What’s more, this environmentally-conscious product comes in a range of prints and patterns for everyone.

660 thousand tonnes of plastic waste are produced by Australians each year! Wet bags are fantastic alternatives for snap-lock plastic bags—a huge contributer to plastic waste—making them a simple way to reduce your household waste.

The only limit is really your imagination; frozen foods, messy art supplies, drink bottles… these fantastic little bags offer so much versatility, making them a lifesaver for parents, kids, teens, and everyone in between.

For early childhood centres, you can order our  wet bags in bulk! An essential for all messy day-care spaces, a great way to keep things organised and reduce the waste produced by the centre.


There’s a Range of Sizes

Laundry basket taking up too much space? Need a separate laundry basket for your smalls? Well, just grab yourself a  large wet bag, hang it on the laundry door handle, and voila! You’ve got yourself a nifty, out-of-the-way laundry bag—especially helpful for family holidays, work trips, or even school camps.

The  smaller size is perfect for everything from a spare pair of nappies, shoes, or socks, and you can even get one to use for your toiletries. The uses are practically endless, so it’s worth keeping a couple of spares of each size around the house—you never know when they’ll come in handy.

From Kindy to the Beach

Book bags, lunch bags, change of clothes—whether you’re sending your little one off to kindy, school, or they’re having a beach day with some of their little pals, just load up a wet bag and they’re ready.

We all know how messy they get, even doing the most basic things! No more sunblock or burst juice boxes messing up your handbag; keep all the used shoes, togs, and towels inside. A sandy wet bag beats a sandy car!


Find the Perfect Wet Bag at Brolly Sheets

It all sounds too good to be true, but it is! Ditch the plastic and zip-lock bags, grab a few wet bags, and you’re set. Whether you’re sharing your home with some messy toddlers, packing for a trip, or you’re just looking to make day-to-day life a bit more organised—stock up on some wet bags and see the magic for yourself!

You can see our range of AU wet bags in our online store, along with a whole range of reusable products for families. Browse  toilet training undies,  breastfeeding pads for mum, and a whole universe of products that’ll make life easy for you and your family.