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Tips For New-Borns In The Heat

  • 2 minute read

Phew – it's hot!!!

If you have had a baby born recently then no doubt you are finding it hot. Here are a few tips for keeping a newborn cool over summer:


1. Provide Good Ventilation

Since a baby doesn't sweat effectively, he can overheat a lot faster than an adult. That's why you should never leave an infant in a hot room and if your baby falls asleep in his pram, keep an eye on him, as prams can soon become hot and airless.

Also never leave him in a parked car. Even with the windows open, temperatures can rise frighteningly quickly. Even a few minutes could cause his temperature to spike and, in extreme cases, may prove life-threatening.

2. Too Hot?

To check how hot your baby is, place your hand across your baby's back underneath their clothes, or on the back of their neck. They should feel warm, not hot or cold.

3. Pick the Right Clothes

If you can dress your baby in loose-fitting, lightweight garments, preferably made from a natural fibre like cotton, which absorbs perspiration better than synthetic fabrics. A good rule of thumb is that your baby needs one more layer of clothing than you do. Although if it is very hot, your baby may need less clothing.

4. Time Outdoor Activities Wisely

Try to stay indoors over the hottest part of the day between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.


5. Sun protection

Your newborn's skin is soft and raw, and offers no protection from the sun. Use specially designed sun shades, or a muslin wrap over the car seat or pram to protect your baby from the sun when out and about. When at the beach or park, try to choose a shady area to sit, or take an umbrella or pop-up tent to offer your baby shade.


6. Sleep

Check out our hint below on lowering room temperatures if your baby’s bedroom is too hot. If you wrap your baby when he or she is sleeping, remove one layer of clothing before wrapping to ensure that your baby does not get too hot. Muslin is great for wrapping summer babies - it is very light and breathes well.  See more Tips and Tricks on getting your little one to sleep at night.

7. What Can I Do To Lower The Temperature?

A fan in the bedroom before bedtime will cool down the room before you put him to sleep. Make sure the fan (or breeze from the window) is away from his face so he isn’t in a draft and make sure it's well away from his grasp.

When it’s really hot - hang wet towels over chairs or windows as the evaporating water will help the air to cool.

If you keep the curtains drawn during the day it will prevent the sun from heating up his room.