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Things to do with Dad on Father’s Day

  • 3 minute read

We all deserve to do something special with dad on Father’s Day. Picking the right gift might be hard as dad might already have everything he needs. Usually we fall into the practical gifts side of things like, socks, tools and underwear.  

How about this year you throw caution to the wind and try doing something different?  

Plan some fun activities and use it as an excuse to do something special. This could be an opportunity to start some new family traditions.  

Mix things up a bit – and have some fun!  



Start the day with a nice breakfast – Don’t do the normal toast and coffee, try making waffles with ice cream or banana pancakes. Get the kids involved and make them together while dad is having a nice little sleep in. Or change it up and swap the day around! Have dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner. Cook Dad his favourite dinner.  

Throw caution to the wind, put all the activities you could do for the day in a jar and let dad pick out one thing. This could become a new tradition - where you have activities in the jar all year round and on special occasions you pick out the day’s activity.  


Dad cares about child


Get dressed up in dads’ favourite colour before heading out. If you have a special gift for dad, make it fun and do a scavenger hunt. This is fun for all the family as you can help dad guess the clues! Make some hard ones in there, but make sure you remember where you put the clue. There is nothing like hunting for a clue for 30 minutes because you forgot what leaf of a plant in your garden you put it in (never a great place to hide a clue). 



If you have an active dad, do an activity like walking up a local mountain. It can be fun exploring on the walk up and this activity can become a family tradition you do every year. Don’t forget to get that family photo at the top! 

Pack a lunch and the fishing rods and head out to a local wharf. Try to catch a fish and share stories about when dad grew up.  



Dad’s job might be very busy, and he might just want to relax on the weekend – so planning some slow paced activities might be key. Why not stay in your pjs all day and make a huge bed in the lounge? Pile in with your pillows and blankets and watch a movie or a sports game.  Make snacks and in the breaks tell stories – draw the curtains and grab some torches.  

Dad might just like to have some time to himself. Spend the morning with him and let him have the afternoon where he can sit and read a book, have a beer and watch a game while you head out and take the kids for an afternoon activity.  



At the end of the day – make Dads favourite dinner. Dads love food so having his loved ones working in the kitchen cooking up a storm is a perfect end to the day. Don’t forget dad’s favourite dessert.  

The day isn’t really about Dad. Its about the memories you make with your children.