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Signs Your Child is Ready for Potty Training

  • 4 minute read

Signs Your Child is Ready for Potty Training

The first few years of your child’s life is a period of huge development. They learn to walk, talk, and their cheeky, unique personality begins to shine through. Another big development that occurs during toddlerhood is the transition from nappies to undies. Toilet training is no easy feat for both kids and parents, so it is important that you choose the right time to begin the process. Keep reading to learn the key signs that your child is ready to begin potty training so you can both hit the ground running.


1. They signal when they are going

If it is becoming obvious when your child is going in their nappy, this is a good sign that they are aware of their bowel motions and are ready to start potty training.

Verbal signs

Your child might start learning toilet lingo such as “pee” and “poo”. If they are saying something along the lines of “I’m going poo” when they go in their nappy, it shows that they are aware of what is going down and that they could communicate it well during potty training which is very helpful.

Physical signs

Physical signs are good clues that help on the toilet training journey so you can get your little one to the potty in time! If your child goes to hide when they go toilet, they pause what they are doing, or they have distinct toilet-time facial expressions, it is safe to start potty training as both you and your little one are able to notice the signs.


2. They show interest in going toilet

Having your little one show interest in the toilet is a great sign that they are ready for the next stage. Most parents know that kids can be little copycats, which in this case is a good thing! If your child is asking questions or copying toilet actions they may have seen mum, dad, or an older sibling doing, then they are already halfway there in terms of not being scared of the toilet and having the motivation to try the potty out for themselves.


3. Bowel movements are becoming predictable

Predictable bowel movements make potty training a smoother process. This doesn’t mean you can’t start before noticing a pattern, as every child is different. It just makes the logistics of choosing a time to sit on the potty easier and helps to avoid accidents along the way.


4. Your child is staying dry for longer


If your child can stay dry for around two hours this shows they are physically ready, as their bladder can hold their wees for long enough to give potty training a proper go.

Sleep time

Waking up dry from naps or having the occasional dry morning is a promising sign. This one isn’t a biggie, as there are lots of tools you can use at night time during the transition process including specialised bed wetting sheets.


5. They can handle the logistics

Going potty involves many more steps than adults realise! Here are some developmental signs that they are ready for the challenge.

They can get to the potty

Make sure your child is confident walking and running so they can get to the potty when they need to go.

They can pull their pants up and down

By the time you decide to potty train, your child should be able to pull down their pants and put them back on again without too much trouble.

They can focus on the task at hand

Your child will need some patience, as sitting on the potty to go toilet requires more time and effort than going in a nappy. If your little one is getting to the stage where they can listen to instructions and can focus on something like a toy or book for a while, then they should be able to get the hang of the potty process.

So your child is ready, but are you ready?

It’s important that the environment at home is relatively stress-free before embarking on this journey. Make sure you have time and energy available to encourage your little one as they learn this tricky new skill. We don’t recommend starting potty training during any disruptive periods such as when a new sibling arrives or when your child starts preschool.

If all these signs look positive, there is no reason not to jump into potty training! We have a huge range of resources on our website to help with all the in-depth aspects of both day and night training. We also have all the products you need to make this process as mess-free as possible including washable toilet training pants. With some patience and optimism, your family can say goodbye to nappies when the time is right!

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