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My Go-to Items for my Hospital Bag

  • 4 minute read

pregnant woman packing her hospital bag


Baby’s arrival is near, which means it's time to start packing your hospital bag! I really love the process of packing the hospital bag, a chance to put together some adorable outfits for baby’s first few days and the excitement for their arrival starts building.

There are many lists out there outlining all these things you should pack, this and that. They can be helpful, but they can also be overwhelming and often state the obvious items. I’ve learnt there are some key items that helped me a lot when in hospital with my first, and I’m going to share them with you below;


pregnant woman going through a checklist for her hospital bag


1. Bite sized snacks. Don’t take big packs of snacks they can get in the way and create unnecessary mess. Those early days can be a blur and its often easy to forget to eat, bite sized snacks are perfect to make sure you have something to eat. They are the perfect size for snacking on between feeds and Bite and snack sized snacks are perfect. Think snack size nut packs, multipack of chips and popcorn, snack size choc bars and muesli bars.

2. Pack a few swaddle options. You could be in hospital for one day, or 7, you just don’t know. So with this in mind, pack a few swaddles to get you through the first few Cotton ones are great for all seasons as you can layer with a blanket in the colder months, like the ones here. Or you have this easy wrap one here.


baby sleeping with a fruit patterned swaddle


3. Wet bags are essential. Your little bundle will go through multiple outfits a day, and some will be Wet bags are great for transporting wet laundry when you’re ready to go home. There is a great range of prints available here.

4. Straws! Yup, that’s right, the good old straw. When you're laying in bed holding bubs, trying to balance things, it can be easy to forget to drink. Staying hydrated is really important in your recovery process. I found straws were a great way to make sure I drank Why you ask? Because my partner, and even visitors, could just easily hold up my glass to my mouth and I could use the straw to get a drink. It made life so much easier. I got this tip from my midwife and it worked perfectly!


pregnant woman holding stomach and smiling down at it


5. Towel and wash cloths for With our first, I forgot to pack a towel for his first bath. The hospital kindly offered us one, but it is something I wish I had packed. Pick something soft and warm for baby’s first bath, something you can cherish when they older. A wooden towel is perfect for baby to help keep their head war while you dry their body. You can find a cute neutral one here.

6. Your fave skincare. Pick your fave 2-3 skincare items and pack them. You won’t have time to do your full routine. But allow yourself the luxury of using a nice cleanser and moisturiser to feel good about I am so glad to did this with my son, I did a mini skin routine after I showered each day and it made feel so good after the long sleepless nights. Just a few items is all you need, but it gives you such a great boost!


pregnant woman packing suitcase for hospital


7. Your fave hot drink. I wish I could bring my coffee machine, but I can’t haha! So instead, I’m packing some nice chamomile tea and some lactation blend Hospitals and birthing units will have a room where you can make yourself hot beverages, take some of your fave so you enjoy a little creature comfort while you recover.


When packing your bag think about things that will make things easier for you. Being comfortable and relaxed is essential those first few days after birth to allow you time to adjust to your newborn, the routine and also the lack of sleep! Put yourself first and keep this in mind when you pack.


 Written by Natalie Robinson

Natalie lives in Auckland with her husband Chris, son Archer and their two dogs. Plus can’t forget baby girl whose on the way! As a mental and disability advocate, Natalie loves to share what Mum life is really like, and is an open book on her account @mrsrobinsonnz over on Instagram.

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