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How Dryer Balls Can Save You Time & Money

  • 2 minute read

Throughout the country, there are dryer ball fanatics. Well, maybe not quite fanatics, but complete lovers of these amazing woollen money and time savers.

Dryer Balls from Brolly Sheets

I don’t know about you, but I find doing the washing in winter depressing! I work full time, and get so frustrated when hanging out washing in the morning, isn’t dry when I return at night. So, we end up with wet washing hung around the house, because my clothes dryer just wasn’t working fast enough! This resulted in wet washing being hung inside the house, resulting in damp air and condensation. Yuk!

Peg on line

If I decided to avoid the weekday wet washing debacle, I’d left all the loads of washing to the weekend to do. The laundry basket was overflowing, and we’d always end up running out of clean clothes. I’d spend most of the day running in and out to the washing line, bringing it in when it started raining. I’d run, run, run, yelling at the kids to come and help me…


There just had to be a better way… and there was. We welcomed the Brolly Sheet dryer balls to the family.

How Do Dryer Balls Work?

Brolly Sheets dryer balls are made of New Zealand wool which has travelled to Kathmandu and hand-felted by Nepalese craftspeople. It returns as balls a bit bigger than a tennis ball and sold in groups of four. Woollen felt is one of the oldest forms of fabric known to humankind. It is made by matting, condensing and pressing woollen fibres together. It is absorbent, warm and long-lasting, which is why our dryer balls are made of it!

People throughout the country love these because they reduce the drying time needed when using a clothes dryer by between 30-50%. To use, you simply pop all four into the dryer with your wet load of washing – it’s that simple! The dryer balls then work by:

  • Tumbling around inside the dryer, moving your clothes around. This un-bunches your washing, allowing the dryer to work more effectively.
  • Absorbing moisture from the wet washing, once again helping the dryer work more effectively.

Then once your load is dry, you simply leave them inside the dryer with the door open till next time.

So, to save time and money when doing your washing, order your set of dryer balls today, and say goodbye to wet and dirty washing hanging around your home.