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Muslin Wraps & Swaddles: 1 Product, Many Names

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Baby Squares, Muslin Wraps & Baby Swaddles. 

It’s time to celebrate everything baby, and what better place to start this celebration by focusing on fantastic multipurpose baby swaddles. The ultimate gift,  baby swaddles are something no parent should ever be without.
100% cotton baby swaddles - generous size

But what exactly are they, and what can you use them for? Well, let us explain …

What Are Baby Swaddles?

Also known as baby squares or muslin wraps, baby swaddles are great at multitasking. Made of 100% soft, absorbent, breathable cotton, Brolly Sheets swaddles measures 120 cm x 120 cm. Just check your sizes when ordering from others as many other companies make them smaller.  They come in a cute range of patterns. 

But what exactly do they do? Well…

When feeding your baby, you can:

• Put one under your baby’s chin to catch any spills. Fans of the relaxing sideways breastfeeding position may notice there are often leaks from the corner of baby’s mouth. These are best caught with a Brolly Sheet, but a muslin square can be handy if one is not available.
• Great for catching spills (posset) when burping your baby, you’ll avoid the ‘baby badge’ by using one to cover your arm and shoulder. • Secure one under your bra strap for a discrete breastfeeding aid.
• Fold one up and stuff it in your bra to absorb breast milk leaks when a breast pad is not available. • Relieve pain from engorgement by hand expressing into your muslin square before baby latches on.
• Can’t find your bib? Quick - grab a muslin square!


When changing your little one, you can use it as:

• A comforter or a handy distraction for fussy changers.
• An emergency nappy liner when you’re out and about.
• A pee catcher by putting one over your little boy when he’s having nappy free time. It will absorb some of the pee fountain and stop him splashing himself.
• A changing mat liner mat on winter mornings.

Cotton Muslin Squares

When bathing a baby, it can be used as:

• A soft comforting towel when bathing baby.
• Small flannels when cut into hanky size.

In your baby’s bed, muslin wraps are great for:

• Placing under your baby’s head when in a Moses basket or cot, if a cot pad isn’t available.
• Swaddling your newborn, or as a light blanket on a hot day.

Baby squares are also great for using:

• As a sunshade for a car seat or buggy.
• Wrapping around a breast milk ice cube for baby to suck when teething.
• Playing peek a boo with.
• Wrapping presents in.

100% cotton Baby Swaddles

I used muslin squares with my children way beyond the baby stage. When your little one no longer needs them, there’s a whole new raft of uses available to you, but that’s another blog topic.


Ps - I have been using mine over summer to cover food during a barbie.


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