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Come Look Inside the Brolly Sheets Cotton Mill

  • 3 minute read
One of the reasons why we chose the cotton mill from which our Brolly Sheets fabric comes from is that quality matters. Yes, we could have chosen another cotton factory with lower overheads. Yes, this would have reduced the price of our bedding products. Yes, we could have made more money by getting a bigger profit.
But we didn’t. Instead we chose our cotton mill, which is one of the top three cotton mills in China. Today we’re going to walk you through this mill, and we’re certain you’ll see the many reasons why we chose it.

Brolly Sheets cototn mill

We Use One of China’s Top Three Cotton Mills

Until I started Brolly Sheets, I had never really thought of how cotton got from the bush to the piece of fabric. My visit to our chosen Chinese cotton mill showed me that the process is way more complicated and time consuming than anything I could have ever thought!
Brolly Sheets cotton is made in one of the top three cotton mills in China. It was established in 1919 and moved into purpose built buildings about 15 years ago. Each of the buildings were specifically designed to house the modern, Swiss made machinery they contain. Consequently, the machinery is safe to operate, and is located in buildings which are large, light and airy.

Diane at the Brolly Sheets Cotton Mill

When we visited the mill, our guides were more than happy to show us around. We were impressed with the quality of the buildings, and the machinery inside. There was plenty of room for us to move around, and they were very well lit.

Guided tour at the Brolly Sheets cotton mill

Our chosen mill produces over 50 million metres of fabric each year. The expertise the workers have produces the highest quality cotton: a quality which you, our customer, demands. The space within the buildings, how clean they were, and the impressive well maintained machinery only confirmed to us that we have made the right decision in choosing this mill.

Brolly Sheets - how we mill our cotton

More Reasons Why Our Chosen Cotton Mill is Amazing

As you know, Brolly Sheets are all about providing our customers with the best products and the best service. For us, it’s important that we can provide both ourselves and our customers the reassurances that the people who manufactured our products, also had access to the best machinery and working environments.

Brolly Sheets cotton mill - one of the top 3 mills in China

The philosophy of this cotton mill also fits perfectly with our ethos: to select premium raw materials, employ skilled personnel, and operate advanced textile machines to product top quality products. We love how there have been gardens created around the mill, which grows produces workers eat for lunch. We’re impressed that we can partner with another company who places pride in the value of using quality materials to produce quality goods.

Brolly Sheets cotton mill - raw cotton

While our accountants would like us to make products which fail to last, that doesn’t sit well with our values. You can rely upon us to always produce the best products, with the best materials and at the best locations.
Quality costs, but it also lasts, and that’s what we’re about here at Brolly Sheets.