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Miracle Blanket Swaddle

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  • Escape Proof For Wriggly Babies
  • Improves Babies Sleep
  • Can Be Used Hands In Our Hands Out
  • Supported by Pediatricians

The Miracle blanket lives up to its name by making sleep time easy for your baby. The miracle blanket is so easy to use that you can get a perfect swaddle everytime, even in the dark!

The secure wrap helps keep even the wriggliest sleepers contained and with no zips or velcro you can ensure your baby is safe and comfortable. 

You can use the miracle blanket in a variety of ways as your baby grows. You can gradually ween off swaddling by having your baby's arms in or out. Pair with a sleeping bag if it's colder or reduce layers when the weather is warmer! 


  • Fits all babies up to 4 months
  • Super soft cotton knit, warmer than other swaddles 
  • No knots, buttons, straps, zippers!
  • Perfect baby shower gift!


100% Cotton Jersesy- The fabric is the weight of a t-shirt

Care Instructions:

  • Machine wash - low temperature with mild detergent 
  • Tumble dry on low heat or hang dry

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