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Mama You've Got This

Tell us your name, and a bit about your tribe

We are Co Founders Christy Hopwood, Mum of three boys aged 2, 4 and 6 and a girl, 8, and Freya Owen, Mum of three boys aged 2, 4 and 6.

Mama You've Got This

 What is your business? 

Our business is called Mama You’ve Got This. We run pre and post birth Masterclasses, Mama Meet-ups on Instagram Live with Expert Guests, Free Virtual Mamas Groups, Downloadable Resources and Special Events, empowering parents with Expert knowledge and support.

 Mama You’ve Got This

Why and when did you start your business?

We started our business in 2019 after meeting through a local kindergarten and connecting over a passion to help other mamas and cuddle babies.

The traditional support systems of ‘The Village’ didn’t seem to exist anymore and expert information was hard to find. There are courses for every job in life except the most important role of all.

So we created a Masterclass program to empower women as they go through the biggest change 
in their lives and to give them a hand in the early years of

When the COVID-19 crisis hit we felt compelled to facilitate connection for Mamas at all stages who were feeling abandoned and alone when they needed support the most. So a virtual Mamas Group program was launched to connect Mamas with each other.

Mamas Groups are formed on baby’s stage first, then geographic location. Determined that all parents have the best Expert advice, we also host Tuesday night Insta Live Mama Meet-ups with Expert Guests, where parents can ask questions of the Experts and get live responses. These programs are complemented by Downloadable Expert Guides, Expert Top Tip Videos and Expert Articles. We’re all in this together.

Mama You've Got This

What is the best business and / or parenting tip you have been given?

Put family first. Savour the moments big and small.

Mama You've Got This

How do you stay sane while dealing with the stresses of business and family?

It’s hard! We both agree, family has to come first. We support each other. When one of us is overwhelmed, the other picks up the slack. We’re a team. We are very lucky to have supportive husbands who appreciate the importance of what we are doing.

Mama You've Got This

Tell us something funny that has happened in the last few months

One of our toddlers, freshly toilet trained, yelling out during an important call, “I need my bottom wiped, I’ve done a poo!” with the caller on the other line saying “I think you’d better go and handle that important business”.

Mama You've Got This