Never underestimate the power of a potty training schedule! It can make a world of difference when introducing the potty or toilet to your toddler. We’re not afraid to admit that potty training is darn hard work for everyone. Having a potty training schedule in place at the start can make the entire process run smoothly. Everyone knows what’s expected of them, and it helps you stick with the much-needed routines. Get ready to learn more about what a potty training schedule is and how to make one for your child.  

What is a Potty Training Schedule?

Before you can create and implement one, you need to understand what a potty training schedule is and includes:

  • Identifying that your child is ready to start using a potty
  • Creating a list of needed supplies
  • Way of introducing a countdown to the start of the schedule
  • Toilet words you will use
  • A daily schedule

Toilet Training with Potty

Creating Your Own Potty Training Schedule

Here is our step by step instructions on creating a toilet training schedule:

  1. Learn the signs of potty training readiness. Signs include remaining dry after a nap, hiding when doing a wee, pulling up own pants, follow simple instructions and interested in the toilet process are positive.
  2. Get your daytime resources ready. These include things such as a potty, training pants, a timer, rewards, potty training books, and a smaller sized toilet seat.
  3. Record a list of times when you will take your toddler to the potty. Using a timer can be a good reminder, and take the pressure off you remembering.
  4. Start using toileting words with your child.
  5. Introduce toileting objects and how they are used.
  6. Record a list of resources that you can use when times get tough. Our blog is a great place to start looking for help and ideas.

We’re always here to help! If you’d like some personalised advice or support on creating your potty training schedule, please get in touch.

Diane Hurford

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